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Everything you need to know about pitching and a whole lot more.

Charles Harris has been pitching for a long time – it’s evident he enjoys it.

Thankfully, he’s found a way to translate his knowledge into a very entertaining, informative read. As the saying goes ‘what he doesn’t know about it ain’t worth knowing’.

Whether you’re pitching documentaries, sitcoms, film or a TV series, this book will help you understand who you’re pitching to and how to go about it.

Not just for writers

I think the book goes a step further, explaining both rudimentary and complex ideas about writing and how to knit these into selling your project – how to simplify, get an idea heard and into the right hands.

This book is not just for writers; directors and producers could very well benefit from these pages. 

It’s very clear: Without a great pitch your idea may sit on your computer for the rest of its life.

I highly recommend this book no matter how long you have been pitching.

Nicola Quilter, producer-director

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