Our FathOur Father, director Charles Harriser

by Mick Stephens

Award-winning American comedy. Six American-Irish brothers at a wake in a New York bar try desperately to find something nice to say about their dead father

“A play rich in language and passion… compelling. Played with commitment and passion. Charles Harris directs with fluid efficiency”.
Camden New Journal

“Hugely popular… this short play is engaging, rhythmic and intense.”
TheatreWorld Online Magazine

Los Angeles Times Notable Play of the Year


Snakes and CausewaysSnakes and Causeways

Written by Tim Barker and Pete Bite.

A four-man rock band from Belfast sets out to make its name in London – but London turns out to be more dangerous for them than home.


September Rock

Created by Charles Harris

A tribute to the rock music being written and played by young bands in London.

New End Theatre

Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami

Written by Miles Treddinick

On his way to an Elvis convention, a fan inadvertently swaps suitcases with a Mafia Don, and finds he has more money than he’s ever seen before, and some rather nasty people trying to kill him for it.


The Master of Two Servants

Written by George Mully

A married couple find hiring a gardener and a maid turns out to be a life-changing experience.

Cameo Players, Touring.

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