Charles Harris Political and Psychological Thrillers

★★★★★ ‘Utterly gripping, darkly realistic and endlessly entertaining,’ Liz Barnsley, Latest Reads

The Breaking of Liam Glass – Political thriller, double award-nominated, #1 Amazon bestseller Mass Media and Hot New Releases, Satire.

On the verge of being sacked by his local newspaper as part of a cost-cutting exercise, a desperate journalist sexes up a story to save his career, only to find he’s put a teenage boy’s life at risk.

★★★★★ Compelling, fast-paced – Kathryn Riley 

Room 15 – Bestselling psychological mystery thriller.

A police detective with amnesia thinks he might have witnessed a murder, but fears the murderer is trying to kill him before he gets his memory back.

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Latest blog: Want help adapting a book for screen?

Help adapting by Charles Harris - cinema audience looking at title on screen which reads "Based on the Novel"

This week I have two new resources for you if you want help adapting a book for film or TV, or are a reader/viewer who’s interesting in seeing how writers set about transforming works for the screen.

And they’re both free…

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