Why are books and movies fascinated by forgetting? 8pm GMT Feb 1st.

Is it me, or are novels and movies fascinated by forgetting?

This century, amnesia is very in.

I’m talking about this and my new amnesia-based psychological thriller Room 15 at Milim – online at 8pm GMT on Monday February 1st. It would be great if you could join me. It’s free to register.

Fascinated by forgetting

Some years ago, I started writing what would finally become my latest novel Room 15.

From those very first jottings, the story centred on a police detective with amnesia, who thinks he might have witnessed a murder, but fears someone is trying to kill him before he gets his memory back.

In the mind of a protagonist with amnesia

In 2000, the movie Memento came out and made a massive splash. Memento was followed by a flood of movies and books. But why? What’s so fascinating about forgetting for our generation? And is this interest really new?

Through the lens of a crime thriller, I wanted to explore the experience of forgetting. And the fear of what you might remember when memories return.

What does our fascination with amnesia say about us as a society?

Do writers and film-makers get amnesia right?

Why does amnesia make for so much strong storytelling?

And is there a place for forgetting in our lives as well as remembering?

I’m going to be asking these questions among others at 8pm GMT on Monday February 1st. It’s free to attend and it would be great if you could join me.

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Room 15 launch events

It’s publication day for new psychological mystery thriller Room 15 on Monday July 27th 2020 and I’m conducting a number of launch events.

At 4pm you can catch me live, at a socially distanced book signing at West End Lane Books – my favourite bookshop in the world.

277 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 1QS

Then at 6pm BST I’m holding a Zoom online book launch party for my subscribers. Join now to ask questions, drink wine (your own, sadly) and also get special advance information, free books, special offers, book reviews and sneak previews.

And then at 7pm BST on Tuesday July 28th, there’s a Room 15 Facebook Live Event – to which everyone is welcome.

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