Seven short stories - The Cupboard by Charles Harris - cover

Seven dark and unusual short stories

“Had me gripped” – Lyn Moffett
“Unique and fascinating” – Brian Moyo
“Constantly surprising” – Spiros Kagadis

From noir and dark satire to spies and off-beat crime, the seven short stories in this compact, yet perfectly-formed, collection brim with excitement, invention and compassion.

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A magician walks into a cupboard and is never found…
A sleeper agent lives in fear of retirement…
A cat-lover suspects her husband of murder…
A dog’s name risks ruining a love affair…

Bestselling and award-nominated author Charles Harris brings his typical dark humour, razor-sharp eye and the effortless control of a master storyteller to pack a novel’s worth of plot into a page, revealing worlds that are both recognisable and yet subtly shifted as he tells of the moments when lives are changed forever.

In genres that vary from mystery, magic-realism and supernatural fantasy to off-beat romance and espionage, the seven bite-sized stories and novella in this short, yet perfectly-formed, collection are brimming with surreal invention and compassion.

“A natural story-teller” – Ian St James Awards

Now with bonus novella The Procedure

When two astronauts find themselves stranded in a distant galaxy far from earth, they don’t panic – the space mining company they work for has a rescue procedure that has never failed. But the procedure brings its own surprises…

Blue Coast Publishing
ISBN 978-1-8380730-4-6

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Praise for short stories in The Cupboard:

Had me gripped.”
Lyn Moffett

Brian Moyo

“Unique and fascinating. Each story is totally different from the others and I shake my head at the imagination of Charles Harris. Well worth reading.”
Sylvia Charlton

“This constantly surprising new book by award winning writer Charles Harris consists, just as his title says, of seven distinct stories which are truly fascinating to read. I highly recommend the purchase of his book!”
Spiros Kagadis

“I love the short story collection, ‘The Cupboard’. Charles Harris’s use of language and his writing temp are excellent. Even in a short story he can draw out the conclusion masterfully. The Cupboard the first story in the selection is my favourite. Well done and look forward to reading more of your work.”
Nadine McGregor

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  1. Shirley Fredrickson said:

    May 30, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    The story telling put you in the perspective of the character and let you know what their thoughts and feelings were. I liked how modern the stories were and how they dealt with reality of modern times, very refreshing.

    • Charles Harris said:

      May 30, 2018 at 5:56 pm

      Hi Shirley, Thank you very much for your review. I’m delighted you liked them. Best wishes, Charles

  2. Richard James Verruso said:

    January 23, 2023 at 10:34 pm

    I just started reading your books. WOW! The cupboard stories. Kept my interest so intensely that I was away from MY reality. Thank you for the great distraction. I immensely enjoyed your style and the character of your writing.
    Richard Verruso, Fellow Author

    • Charles Harris said:

      January 26, 2023 at 9:22 am

      Thank you. Always happy to distract!

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