Charles Harris co-founded the first screenwriters’ workshop
in the world – London Screenwriters’ Workshop – which became Euroscript.Charles Harris:  Screenwriting Teaching and Consultation

He has lectured in writing, directing and acting for universities, film schools, actors’ centres and film festivals around the world.

Script Assessment and Consultancy

As an award-nominated novelist and award-winning writer and director for cinema and TV I bring practical creative experience to consulting. For over twenty years I have advised writers, directors and producers on how to realise their vision on the page and on the screen. I have lectured at universities and film schools and run international masterclass workshops. Depending on the individual request I will give succinct bullet point coverage, detailed script assessment or rough-cut analysis, either in written form or in an informal face-to-face meeting, with follow-up questions and notes on further rewrites as needed.

“Thanks Charlie for such a constructive session. I did need just such a focused insight into the story and I came away with a new confidence that I could make it work. Invaluable.”
Holly Aylett, editor Vertigo Magazine, London, UK

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More testimonials

“Thank you for your help. In fact I enjoyed rewriting my treatment!! Your questions inspired me with new ideas.”
C.F. – playwright & screenwriter, UK/France

“Hugely helpful. Thank you very much. I had a sneaky suspicion that there were problems in the areas you mentioned and I had missed some problems that you have also highlighted.”
N.V. – screenwriter, London, UK

“Thank you for the introduction to Charles Harris. You recommended him for a script evaluation for a UK based project of mine. He did a very thorough analysis and really helped to pinpoint where my script just wasn’t working. He’s also been very generous in responding to my e-mail queries. A really lovely gentleman.”
S.P – screenwriter, California

“Very many thanks for your time and very useful comments. I will re-write accordingly. I really appreciate your reading it.”
M.F. – screenwriter, Queensland, Australia

“I must admit that before I read your notes, I had prepared myself to ache somewhat. Surprisingly, the notes were so much of an eye-opener that I found myself feeling relieved.Your notes gave me a clear idea of what needs to be done.”
F.H. – screenwriter, New Jersey, USA

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