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If you enter there is NO TURNING BACK

Published July 27 2020

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Room 15

Ross Blackleigh is on trial for four crimes which he insists he didn’t commit. A detective inspector and a thoughtful self-reflective man, he goes against his counsel’s advice and takes the stand in court.

This is Ross’s story.

Ross found himself wandering at night, bleeding from the head and unable to remember the past year and a half. But before he could make sense of it, he was summoned to Room 15, where a nurse, Amy Matthews, had been brutally murdered.

The amnesia shook him and fearing the worst, he went to hospital where that night he was attacked by a stranger with a knife.

Suspecting a connection with the Matthews murder, Ross set out on two parallel investigations: one into the killing and the other into his own mind.

But when he digs into his own psyche, he is scared by what he finds…

Is Ross being set up or is something far more disturbing behind the killings?

By the award-nominated author of The Breaking of Liam Glass

Charles Harris likes to give his thrillers a political edge and to go undercover to research them. To write Room 15 he spent many hours covertly researching the police, finding his way into police stations, interview rooms, training centres and even into a cell.

The result was to give him rare insights into how the police really operate – the relationships, the tensions and the internal politics. These make the novel particularly entertaining, fresh and constantly surprising.

What readers are saying:

Fast-paced and gripping – a tour de force
Alex Pearl, author of ‘Sleeping with the Blackbirds and ‘The Chair Man’
Gripping psychological thriller
Helen Louise Appleby
Compelling, fast-paced psychological crime thriller, that’ll keep you in suspense with every turn of the page
Kathryn Riley
An intricate web of uncertainties, confusion and trust
RL Charlesworth


ISBN: 978-1-913419-68-4
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