The Cupboard by Charles Harris - second edition cover

Charles Harris has had short stories published in magazines and anthologies in the UK and abroad, as Charles or Charlie Harris and under the pen name of Hilary Raine. His short stories ‘Cash Card’ and ‘Left’ were shortlisted for the Ian St James Awards and published in Acclaim magazine.

New: The Cupboard – a brand new collection of seven unusual short stories – currently available for exclusive free download for a limited period. 

The seven stories in this short, yet perfectly formed, collection are brimming with off-beat invention, wry humour and compassion.

Best-selling author Charles Harris brings his razor-sharp eye and the effortless control of a master storyteller to pack a novel’s worth of plot into a page. Grab it for free before the offer ends.

Turning Points: Crowd-Writing: The Amazing True Adventures of Totally Normal People

Charles’ short stories in Anthologies

New: The Road South‘ – 2016 – published in Turning Points: Crowd-Writing: The Amazing True Adventures of Totally Normal People (edited by Shelley Katz)What was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime teaches an unexpected lesson.

Tangerine Dream’ – published in Paper Clips (New Fiction) – is a wry and touching snapshot of a single mother, and feelings for her toddler son and her new pregnancy.

The Snow Fell’ finds a separated father trying nervously to build a new relationship with his young daughter. It was published by New Fiction in Shorts from Greater London.

Paper Clips, short stories from writers from London Shorts from Greater London
‘Tangerine Dream’

in Paper Clips

‘The Snow Fell’

in Shorts from Greater London

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