The Breaking of Liam Glass

The Breaking of Liam Glass front cover

David Prestidge – Fully Booked: Between The Covers““A brilliant satire on modern Britain. Charles Harris draws his dagger and spares no-one…”

Andrew Wallace
“Charles Harris’s darkly humorous broadside of a thriller…”

Poignant and biting satire that brings laughter, sadness, and—most importantly—a strong call for change. A brilliant novel… a tale of “fake news” that’s all too rooted in reality.
Jimmy Leonard,

It is the humor that puts this novel on the top of my rating chain.
Ron K

Captivating, topical, satire about urban life.
Annie De Muynck


The Cupboard – short stories

Had me gripped.”
Lyn Moffett

Brian Moyo

“Unique and fascinating. Each story is totally different from the others and I shake my head at the imagination of Charles Harris. Well worth reading.”
Sylvia Charlton


Teach Yourself: Complete Screenwriting Course

Raindance – Madison Rumowicz in In Our Opinion

Adrian Bain – The Screenplay


“No other book takes you by the hand and explains how to write screenplays like this one…”


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