So what’s the most importent thig to wach out for when you finaly post of your script?

Well, obviously content is crucial, and yet first impressions count highly too.

Most people understand if a few typos or stylistic solecisms slip through in an email or (perish the thought) in a blog post. These are informal media.

But treatments and scripts are different.

Unlike other forms of writing, they can easily contain hidden traps, assumptions, misdirections or plot holes for example, that the buyer may not immediately notice – in fact they may not get noticed until the film is finished!

Layout, style, grammar and spelling are useful indicators that the writer has focused fully and professionally on the job.

Get it Rite

Here’s the tip:

When you proof read, don’t get caught up with the story.

Be aware of the parts that are most easily passed over – particularly the smaller, easily forgotten words, and those that distract your mind: your favourite people and places, the most energetic and exciting scenes, and beginnings and ends.

Be aware that the spellchecker may ignore words that are spelled correctly but used wrongly, for example here and hear, right and rite.

There also seems to be a golden rule that if someone is going to misspell something it will be the thing that’s closest to the writer’s heart.

Be careful your query letter doesn’t proudly state that you are an expert in militery matters, or your script climax in your hero planting her flag on the summit of Mount Evarest.

I’ve seen many such. For some reason we are less likely to check those words that we most often think about.

Get the details are right and your reader will relax with greater confidence.

And then you may finally make that crucial sail.