Room 15 is almost here. Publication day arrives tomorrow – Monday July 27 2020 – and as promised I have a launch competition for you.

Because sales in the first week are so important to the success of a book, I’m offering a prize of a brand new personally-signed souvenir hardback copy of my debut novel, the award-nominated The Breaking of Liam Glass.

To enter, all you have to do is send proof that you’ve bought Room 15 by next Sunday (details below).

Order Room 15 now from Amazon UK Amazon USA or from your local bookshop.

The prize

The Breaking of Liam Glass is a dark and satirical tale of tabloid scoops and betrayals, which on publication went straight to the top of Amazon’s charts for Hot New Releases for satire and was subsequently nominated for two awards.

It’s about to be released in a second edition. The souvenir hardbacks are not yet on sale, and with their newly designed covers, they promise to be handsome books.

To enter

To win one of the very first souvenir editions, all you need to do is buy a paperback or e-book copy of Room 15 at any time during the first week and email me a copy or scan of the purchase receipt before midnight Sunday August 2nd.

Make sure you include a note of who you’d like your prize signed to (yourself or a friend) and the postal address you want it sent to.

This offer includes preorders that you may have already made and any purchases online or from bookshops during the first week.

The lucky winner will be selected from a virtual hat and informed by email. Your hardback of Liam Glass – signed by me to yourself or whoever you nominate – will be sent to your designated address anywhere in the world, as soon as the first print copies come through.

Order Room 15 now from Amazon UK Amazon USA or from your local bookshop.

(Terms and conditions apply and subject to availability, etc, etc.)