Today’s guest post on Sex, Drugs and Taxes is by Multi Platform Artist, Author and all-round Renaissance man Russell C. Brennan. Russell sold his first film script at 17 before moving into music, to become one Europe’s top D.J’s, then a record producer & songwriter (over 300 releases including number one hits) running a successful indie label and publishing successful books of photography. 

Russell Brennan - Sex, Drugs and TaxesIt’s frightening that most politicians ruling the UK and the world are totally clueless, Every now and again they get found out, either their greed (Expenses Scandal) or incompetence (too many to mention) If these people were not so incompetent we could save billion on the many public inquiries that constantly crop up and we know who gets that money mostly.

(That would be the legal professions who are chums of the politicians).

How to save the country

If I were running the country I could straighten it out straight away. But then again I’m a competent person, so won’t get the chance. But here are a few suggestions.

The government say they haven’t got money for the public sector. Yet we hear about banks paying billions in fines for all the rip offs they perpetrated. No mention of where those fines go. These should go to wages of nurses and other public sector workers.

Anyone not living in a political bubble would judge the mood (as they work for us at the end of the day) and just say. ‘OK, a years break from austerity for everybody starting now’. A feel good factor would spread across the nation and at least it would suggest somebody was listening. It’s a no brainier.

If I had my way It would be the nurses with the highest pay in the country and politicians and bankers with a permanent 1 percent pay cap.

The Sex, Drugs and Taxes way to beat austerity

In 2010, I  wrote to David Cameron telling him how he could avoid austerity and pay off the debt in just a few years. He did reply and say he was passing the information to George Osborne. (So a black hole then).

So, I will now share it with you.

The sex industry and drug industry makes more money than the national debt each year so, tax prostitution and legalise drugs and that’s the debt gone in a few years.

Of course in regards to the drugs it would be wise to invest some of the money made from them to help cure peoples addictions.

Quite apart from the money made it would cut out the many evil people running these industries and put them out of business if policed properly. So, a lot of people would have less miserable lives as a result.

Prohibition in America attracted gangsters who made all the money. The government took ages to wise up but finally legalised alcohol and that put the gangsters out of business. So what’s wrong with doing that today. If it’s not possible for gangsters to earn money form something they move on elsewhere.

Of course I’m not naive enough to think it would cut it all out as some would continue to keep sex slaves but that’s where the police come in to earn their new pay rise.

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