Sunrise over Regents Park London photo of the month

Walking into town, early in the day but late in the year, just as the leaves are starting to fall, I’ve managed to catch an autumn sunrise over Regents Park.

This photo pleased me because it managed to catch something of the glory of the moment. At the same time, it evokes the peace and emptiness of the pathways first thing, when the air is fresh and before those same paths are filled with commuters (on foot and bike), dog-walkers, lunchtime footballers and picnickers.

Picnickers? Yes, there is still enough warmth in the sun later in the day to sit outside with a picnic here in London. If we wrap up well. But it’s growing noticeably chillier at night and in the mornings.

Black and White vs Colour

I love black and white photos, but find that they are much more difficult than colour. You do need to be more careful with the balance of tones, and you have to find a subject with a good range of blacks and whites – not to mention greys.

Here, I think, I managed to get the balance to work. Whenever I look at this picture, it brings back that feeling of freshness, a moment of poise as nature waits for the day to start – and for the seasons to move on, slowly but inexorably, towards the the start of winter – still a way off, but now definitely on its way.