Issue 3303 – 04 August 2008



If I’d had any energy left in me Thursday night I‘d have told you all about the frantic day of pitching and networking I’d just had… but I hadn’t, so I didn’t.

The screenwriters’ forum group I’ve helped to set up managed to collaborate with our regional Producers’ Forum and organise a training day in which Euroscript’s Charles Harris came and led us in a pitching workshop, and pretty amazing it was too (I would recommend any course by Euroscript after seeing Charles in action).

Several of us bit the bullet and pitched scripts we were working on and then got feedback from the room. There’s really nothing like a room full of producers and screenwriters for getting an instant focus on the story you’re writing. I quickly found out that my ‘romcom‘ was actually nothing of the sort (I think Blake Snyder would definitely class it as a Golden Fleece story).

But pitching was only half of what the day was about. It actually got a lot of writers meeting up with a lot of producers. I had a pack of one-page pitches in my bag, just in case, and one of the producers was quite happy to take them away. The next day he phoned and asked to read two of my scripts.
Andy Conway
Editor, Shooting People, Screenwriters Network

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