Cover The Breaking of Liam Glass - crime satire Charles Harris

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Witty, gripping, truly beautifully written… Share
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The Breaking of Liam Glass is not so much a Whodunnit as a social thriller What-they-did-after-it

Machiavellian journalist Jason Crowthorne makes the mistake of over-pitching a story to a tabloid newspaper. Now they’re clearing the front pages, but he doesn’t have all the facts and if he doesn’t deliver, he’ll never work for them again.

So he turns to sleazy PR agent, Tony Potts and a celebrity client who needs the publicity and they hatch a plot so create the news story themselves. However, as everything spins out of his control, Jason finds himself having to confront the kind of person he has become.

To ask himself if he can regain his old values before it’s too late – and real people die as a result of what he’s done.

Liam Glass is a fast-paced story that asks sharp questions about the way we live, with a journey through London, and a cast of vivid contemporary characters who you’ll remember long after you close the book.

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Witty, gripping, truly beautifully written. Asta Musvicaite

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Paperback £11.99 ($13.99). Kindle £3.99 ($5.15)

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