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In the late summer sunshine: the first flurries of brown-splashed leaves

Do I have my thought or does my thought have me?

My greatest aim is to be myselves.

Surprised by love, the closer he came to marrying her, the more frightened he became. He always wondered – what if he’d stayed?

The police came round and asked questions. They didn’t expect any answers from us, and they didn’t get any.


Late one afternoon in May, the falling sun shot warm shafts through the young leaves. I was playing aimlessly in our garden, in quiet hours after my birthday party. I was five, or maybe six or seven and decorations and half-eaten jellies were being cleared away. My father had started watering the border flowers and the sun hit a rainbow off the spray. A rainbow not in the sky, but on the ground in front of the dark bushes. I watched. How could I know I’d go on thinking of that rainbow for fifty years?

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