The Breaking of Liam Glass #1 bestseller orange Amazon tag listing in Mass Media November 2021


A quick one today, to celebrate my award-shortlisted satire The Breaking of Liam Glass reaching the #1 bestseller spot in Amazon Mass Media this week.

A thank you to everyone who bought the book and helped it reach the top spot.

I was inspired to write the novel when I saw the toxic effects of fake news and other twisted stories that filled certain newspapers. Now, of course, that poison has spread even further – into social media and into the heart of politics.

It’s brought about exactly the kind of divisiveness that I feared. But I wanted to tell an entertaining story – using humour and suspense.

Liam Glass is a political thriller with a sharp satirical edge. Its central character is Jason, a young, ambitious journalist who starts to dig out a secret about a teenage boy, one that connects him to celebrity.

But to get to the truth Jason will have to cross moral lines that he has never crossed before.

I wanted to look at what might make an otherwise decent and intelligent man cross over to the other side.

The Breaking of Liam Glass is a novel I’m very proud of.

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