Graphic of digital display green on black for The Popularity of Amnesia - Charles Harris for Riversmeet

Last time I mentioned I was talking at the Milim Leeds Literary Festival about why amnesia stories are so popular.

There’s no doubt that writers have written about amnesia for thousands of years.

What attracts them – and what attracts us as readers and audiences?

And why has there been a sudden surge of amnesia stories over the last few decades?

From The Matrix and Memento to next month’s release of The Father, forgetting is all the rage.

What is it about our lives now that makes forgetting such a fascinating subject for us?

You can catch the recording now as well as a guest blog I’ve written for Riversmeet Productions.

I think you’ll find them interesting. They overlap, but are different.

“If I should forget you…” Leeds Literary FestivalTalking and taking questions on the popularity of amnesia in stories and about my amnesia-based psychological thriller “Room 15”

Forgetting is All the RageGuest blog for Riversmeet Productions on the popularity of amnesia stories through the ages