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I want to tell you a story that I was told by a wise teacher. It’s a sad story and true, though we can learn from it. And how it really ends is going to be up to us.

I heard it from a wise teacher. He was a young and very clever Australian who was running a seminar I was attending in London.

At one point, he told us the story of a friend of his, from back home. That friend was obsessed with motorbikes.

He lived, ate and breathed motorbikes.

One day, the friend was on his bike when he narrowly avoided an accident.

He was shaken, but continued to ride.

A week later, he was riding at speed when he passed a horrible crash that had just taken place. The debris was still alongside the carriageway.

He was shaken, but continued to ride.

Shortly after that, he was actually involved in an accident himself, but luckily escaped with minor injuries.

Shocked, he finally decided he was going to have to give up his beloved bike. But it wasn’t going to be easy. The bike was a part of his life.

When the universe wants to warn us…

My teacher said, there was a reason he was telling us this tale.

When the universe wants to warn us, he said, it first tickles us with a feather.

If we ignore the feather, it hits us with a brick.

If we ignore the brick, the next thing to come at us is a ten-ton truck.

We’ve been tickled by the feather of early global warming.

We were hit by the brick of AIDS.

What next?

So far, this year alone, we’ve had fires, floods, locusts and now the plague. There’s something Biblical in the air!

What next? If we ignore this, what comes after the ten-ton truck?

But there’s more to the story, I’m afraid.

The following year, the same teacher told me that he wasn’t going to ever tell that story of the friend with the motorbike again. He’d just been killed – on his bike.

I told you it was a sad story.

Give this story a happy ending?

But what about us? What are we going to do? We can’t do anything about his story. But we can try to find a happy ending to ours.

Can we?

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