Britain to Hollywood

Charles Harris - From Britain To Hollywood

All my life I’ve been telling stories.

At first, I made up stories to get out of boring homework, or playing sports at school… and almost got myself expelled.

Then, I found that in fiction you could often be as truthful as with fact.

I started writing stories down, had them nominated for awards and sold them for real money to magazines.

From Britain to Hollywood (and back)

The Breaking of Liam Glass - best-selling satirical thriller by Charles Harris

Soon, stories I pitched to video producers, film companies and the BBC would take me to the South of France, to Africa, to Asia and finally to the USA and Hollywood itself.

Today, the stories we tell – both fiction and non-fiction – and the truths that they represent – are more important than ever.

My fight against fake news which took me round the world has now led to my new award-nominated, best-selling satirical novel The Breaking of Liam Glass – a blackly humorous love-letter to journalism.

I’ll be talking about that fight – the stars and crooks I’ve worked with – and my novel, at various events around the country – subscribe to my mailing list to hear when I’m near you.