This week I have exciting news: my novel has landed a prestigious
The Breaking of Liam Glass - out now - BookBub recommendation

They’re putting my debut noir thriller The Breaking of Liam Glass out to their massive mailing list for 99p/99c – for only a very few days.

It’s a brilliant opportunity. BookBub is a very influential and respected email list which only accepts a small number of books and all credit to Mark Turner at publishers Marble City for landing it.

And to celebrate, the novel is also no longer exclusive to Amazon.

Marble City have made it available for the first time on a wide range of sites and in all e-book formats – including Kobo, Nook, Apple and Google Play.

What is BookBub?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, BookBub is a prestigious service which sends out special discount offers on novels to readers across the world.

It is also extremely difficult to be accepted for a BookBub recommendation.

They curate with great care, dividing books into genres and only accepting a tiny percentage of books sent to them.

From the reader’s side, BookBub provides an excellent service. You receive a short email with the daily BookBub recommendation of quality books in your selected genre or genres, and unlike most similar lists they include very few recommendations per genre at a time.

You don’t get inundated with dozens of suggestions. And, unlike Amazon, BookBub takes great care to recommend books that you’ll probably like.

If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. It’s free and you can sign up here.

You can help

If you haven’t already bought The Breaking of Liam Glass, now is an excellent time. You’ll also help the novel, because sales during these days will help towards its Amazon rankings.

You can buy online now from Amazon or Not Amazon – at the special price while the offer lasts.

Another way you can help today is by passing the word to friends and sharing on social media.  I’ve given some links below.

You can buy The Breaking of Liam Glass online now at Amazon and as I said above we are now available on other Not Amazon online sites.

Plus of course you can still order the paperback from your favourite local bookshop.


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