It’s a truism that writing is a lonely business, but much as we want a writers community to connect with, us writers also want time alone. We’re cussed bastards really. Just Write - new writers communityNot happy if we’re left alone, and not happy if we’re in  company.

Anyway, a new online writers community has been started by publishers Hodder & Stoughton this month. Called JustWrite, it aims to give writers a chance to share news, read exclusive content, access writers workshops, and swap general literary musings.

Will they get this writers community right?

It’s an interesting venture. There have been other online writers communities. Some have thrived, and others disappeared down the cyber plug-hole. This one looks as if it could last. It’s still early days, but the style is simple yet energetic and inspiring.

The range of facilities growing. They include a rather fun section of writers’ insults, more inspirational prods to get down and do some writing, and a monthly chance to get published.

The way to improve as a writer, as they say, is… “just write”. To which I’d add, “and also read.” And network, and make contact with other writers, and get feedback and… er… get in with a writers community…

Drop in and have a virtual drink

Of course, the traditional writers community involved meandering down some Parisian back street to a small bar where you could share pastis and witty epithets and discuss literature with fellow artists. The pastis here is virtual, unfortunately. Maybe they’ll create a 3D printer that can print alcoholic beverages soon – along with a fug of Gauloises.

But at least this one’s free.

I’d give it a go. I’m a little biased, because Hodder are publishing a book of mine in October of which more in due course. But it seems worth checking out nonetheless. Tell me what you think.