By Charles Harris

Forget all your troubles pitching to film and TV producers, here’s your automatic screenplay query letter generator. Developed by my secret army of specialist software designers, it guarantees you’ll never have to struggle over your query letter again. Simply copy and form below and delete as applicable.

Nicholas Cage contemplates his newly generated query letter in Adaptation

Nicholas Cage contemplates his newly generated query letter in Adaptation

Generate your own query letter

Dear Wonderful Producer/Astute Agent/Friendly PA/Person I Just Met at a Networking Event

I am an enormous admirer of your body of work/body of clients/body/bank account/capacity for absorbing alcohol – and am currently looking for a producer/agent/friendly face/therapist/sex life/large cheque for my original screenplay titled Wolf of Fifty Shades of Gravity as a Slave.

This is a noir/comedy/sports biopic about three unemployed actors/bankers/bridesmaids/revived dinosaurs who stumble across a hoard of gold bars/scheme for destroying the world economy/stash of hand-cuffs and whips/White House butler – only to find that themselves trapped in outer space/a phone box/a cotton plantation/a low-budget movie without hope of reprieve.

I believe I am absolutely the right person to have written this script as I have spent three years researching bridesmaids/worked as a fluffer on porn movies/never lifted a finger to earn  money in my life/once read a book on screenwriting and almost finished it.

My screenplay is polished and ready to go/almost polished/almost written/a dream I have every night before taking my medication.

I look forward greatly to working with you and making us both rich/famous/stoned/members of a new cult I have founded/all the above.

Yours sincerely
Charles Harris, BA Cantab (dropped out)