Since last night they’ve been warning us about a storm that’s coming, but I don’t believe them. I’ve not yet seen Michael Fish deny it.

Don’t tell me you haven’t looked. Has there been a serious storm since 1987 when someone hasn’t rolled out that clip of Fish telling us all it wasn’t going to happen? Of course not. This is how we know.

Poor old Fish might try to have it that it wasn’t really a hurricane and that he was really talking about Florida, and anyway he was just chatting to a friend of a friend, but we don’t care about that. We care that he denied it.

We knew about BSE the moment John Gummer started stuffing hamburger down his poor kid.

We knew about foot and mouth as soon as they told us it definitely wasn’t.

If they don’t deny it, it can’t be true.

That’s how we know. There’s no truth without denial.