Last night I got a call from a company who I’d bought from before.

The previous time, I spent good money with them – this time I put the phone down after a minute.

What was the difference?

Last time I wanted what they were selling me. It was an upgrade to some software that was causing me problems. They offered to solve my problem. I bought their product.

This time I didn’t have a problem – or rather I didn’t have a problem that was appropriate to what they wanted to sell me.

The same happens with scripts. If you want to make sure I don’t buy your script, make sure it doesn’t solve my problem.

What’s the problem you need to solve? My problem is that I need scripts that I can make. Stories that fit my style and my budget and that I can take to the financiers I have contacts with.

The same goes essentially for every single producer, director, agent, big and small, and also to any actor or crew that you are trying to get on board.

They will buy it if it solves their problem.

Thus they will solve your problem (selling your first script.. and your next).

So today’s tip for selling your first script (and your next) is:

Find out what their problem is.

How do you find out?


You read the trades, study the newspapers, search the Internet, check out all the films and TV programmes that are in your genre, go to festivals, panel events and workshops. And you talk to everyone you meet.

This is not about selling out to the market – it’s about selling your script by knowing the market.

The information is out there, if you look, and listen, for it.

So, there’s no excuse. Start looking.