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Apologies for being unable to complain

I write to apologise for my complete unpreparedness for the current winter weather winge.

Owing to my failure to plan ahead, I have had no ability to write letters of complaint or grouse to my neighbours.

By clearing the pavement outside our house, failing to take inappropriate journeys, owning good snow boots and ensuring I could continue to work uninterrupted, I have totally failed to join in the nation’s collective moaning.

On the one occasion when I was unable to drive up our hill, I could only park less than two minutes walk away on a red route, where the traffic wardens totally failed to give me a parking ticket.

I have been further hindered by Camden Council who gritted the roads and pavements before the first snowfall, ensured the local grit bin was well filled in advance and have kept collecting refuse and recycling.

I have been left alone to admire the beauty of the snow, enjoy the silence when it falls, walk through crisp white drifts, and even throw the odd snow ball.

I cannot express my dismay more powerfully and shall endeavour to do much better next time.

Have a great holiday.