Hampstead to Hollywood

Charles Harris - From Hampstead To Hollywood

How telling tales has taken me round the world.

7.30 pm
Monday February 25th 2019
West End Lane Books

All my life I’ve been telling stories.

At first, I made up stories to get out of boring homework, or playing sports at school… and almost got myself expelled.

Then, I started writing stories down, had them nominated for awards and sold them for real money to magazines.

Soon stories I pitched to video producers, film companies and the BBC would take me to the South of France, to Africa, to Asia and finally to the USA and Hollywood itself.

They also got me to work with some amazing (and some distinctly not-amazing) stars. To be served lunch personally by the president of Zambia. To fake a child-birth in a Malaysian hut. To fall down a mountain in the Caribbean and survive.

To make all kinds of films and write best-selling and award-nominated books.

I’ll be talking about where my stories took me, my novel and my new book of short stories at the best bookshop in the world, West End Lane Books, on Monday 25th February 2019 at 7.30 pm.

Do join me if you can. It’s free – but you have to book your place online or by phone: 020 7431 3770.

I’ll be signing books too.

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